Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Yohen Pot Bottoms

All my unglazed pots are polished. These yohen pots fired in the firebox need the most work.

  1. First, I use a a stone (half a sharpening stone Sicarbide) Mostly on the foot, but for any big stuff on the pot
  2. Then I use coarser then fine sandpaper.
  3. then 3M green scrubbie wet.
  4. then a sheepskin buffer on my mixing drill
I learned this method during my apprenticeship at Shimaoka's. Traditionally, they used ricestraw instead of 3M pads, but they switched to the 3M pads. Also, they don't use a buffer, but instead, an appentice can polish a yohen pot for a full day with a cotton cloth. The buffer is my apprentice and it gets the job done in about 15 minutes.
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dkat said...

Why does the previous poster reminded of the provincial town ‘know it all’ who will only eat steak and potatoes because that rich, fancy 'city' food is damn disgusting.

These are beautiful works of art – only wish I could afford one. Maybe when both kids are out of school....


Lee Love said...

Hi Donna,

Thanks for your comments. As far as that coward you mention goes, some folks don't have anything else better to do. He is Flea on an elephant's ass. ;^)

Lee in Mashiko, Japan