Saturday, May 5, 2007

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dkat said...

I have to say that some of those are 'break your heart' beautiful. They really do remind me of some of the treasures in Japan (sure hope I haven't offended you if you identify with another Asian group by chance but the Japanese art work is what I have seen and love). I have aways had a softspot for shino so I lust after the tea cup right above but the unglazed polished pieces really take me. It also is a giggle to think of them being done with an electric buffer. Are they at all functional? How high do you think they are fired to?


Lee Love said...

Hi Donna,

Yes, all the work is functional. The "yohen" work was first fired to cone 11-13 and then re-fired in the firebox. The unglazed shigaraki work was fired to cone 13.

Lee in Mashiko